PLATFORMA01: Brand New Platform for Different Thinking People

PLATFORMA01: Brand New Platform for Different Thinking People

For a last few years we are getting more and more questions on why we are driving these communities around Corporate Innovation, Data Science, Drones & UAV, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity etc. These communities are not small anymore and we regulary have over 300 people per events or meetups, and given the number of different communities that are part of our platform, now we have several activities every month, with more and more individuals and companies joining the activities.

As you can see on the picture above, our activities are now very programmatic and have their own timeline, and we are doing them this way so that we can better organize and reuse Resources that are making all those activities happen. But in essence, we are doing this because it is important: it is important to drive those initiatives that are looking forward, that are spreading the community connections and sharing Knowledge and ideas and that are making all those important networking and connections happen.

We want to thank to all the sponsors, partners, volunteers, friends, companies and individuals that are helping us so far, and we hope more of you will join. As you can see on the picture there are several opportunities, from conferences to meetups, from workshops to meetings. Dont think that you cannot contribute – you can, and you can become our pivotal representative in your own organization (think: intrapreneurship). We will continue to develop this platform and there will be new topics added here – so join us, take a look at the About page, and send us your view on this.

It is not “So long, and thank you for all the fish!” it is more like “Thank you, and lets have some more fish together”.

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